BrickLAB Tech - Ultimate (Grades K-4)

BrickLAB Tech - Ultimate (Grades K-4)

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Student Growth and Creativity!

BrickLAB Tech (formerly BrickLAB After-School).

Housing 12, two-hour units, BrickLAB Tech combines the power of collaborative learning with the art of engineering design in an exploration of society’s leading technologies. Expand your learners’ creative thinking and problem-solving skills with captivating, hands-on STEM projects that dive into iterative engineering challenges, survey the history of the world’s industries and build an understanding of technology’s ethical effects on the environment and society. As the perfect addition to any program seeking to add a diverse range of projects and learning avenues, BrickLAB Tech is reusable, easily integrated and primed to invigorate your space.

BrickLAB Tech utilizes the PCS Edventures' signature BrickLAB Brick, a STEM manipulative specifically designed to provide students of all ages with a platform for creative and innovative thinking. As a complete learning set, out of the box, BrickLAB Tech provides opportunities for authentic discovery and collaboration, all while promoting technological literacy. Whether instructors are implementing the easy-to-follow modules or integrating the materials into their own semester plans, this kit accommodates a variety of learning styles and student levels.

The BrickLAB Tech curriculum comes in five different grade levels (K-4), with enough supplies to instruct up to 30 students at once. With over 24 contact hours in every package, each two-hour unit challenges your learners to investigate STEM through manipulative-based learning. If they’re brainstorming and improving pollution solutions or engaging with the science behind manufactured goods and medical technology, take your students on a STEMventure today with BrickLAB Tech.

Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4
Students: Up to 30
Contact Hours: 24+ per grade level

Subject Targets:

Technology, Engineering Design

Recommended Settings:

  • Before & After-School Programs

Each Activity Includes:

  • Intro Discussion
  • Step-By-Step Build Instructions
  • Engineering Challenge
  • Real World Extension
  • Small Group Extension
  • Written Activity
  • Assessment
  • Final Class Challenge
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