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Creality CR-5 Pro (High-temp Version) 3D Printer

Creality CR-5 Pro (High-temp Version) 3D Printer

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Professional 3D printer for industrial quality prints

With its large installation space and a maximum hotend temperature of up to 250 ° C, the Creality CR-5 Pro was already a powerful 3D printer for the highest demands. Its successor, the Creality CR-5 Pro High-Temperature Version, adopts the features of its predecessor and relies on it: The maximum nozzle temperature in the new High-Temperature Version has been increased to 300 ° C. This opens up completely new possibilities when processing high-temperature filaments.

Features at a glance

  • Large, completely enclosed build space
  • Nozzle temperature up to 300 ° C
  • BLTouch automatic levelling
  • Strong performance thanks to ATMEGA2560 master chip
  • Cloud printing (mobile app)
  • Pre-assembled
  • 4.3 inch touch screen
  • Filament sensor
  • Simple continuation of printing after a power failure
  • Controllable LED lights
  • Ultra-quiet motherboard
  • Elegant appearance

Perfect factors for high-temperature filament printing

The maximum nozzle temperature of 300 ° C enables the printing of numerous filaments such as ABS or nylon. A high-performance fan guarantees effective heat dissipation, uniform extrusion through the Bowden extruder and a long service life of the nozzle. The completely enclosed chamber ensures constant temperatures in the build space and reduces the development of odours and noise.

Double gear extruder

The metal Bowden extruder with double gear ensures strong and constant extrusion.

Large installation space

Even big ideas can be realised with a construction area of 300 x 225 x 380 mm.

BLTouch automatic levelling

An automatic levelling sensor from BLTouch simplifies the operation of the 3D printer and ensures precise and quick levelling of the print bed.

Powerful master chip

An ATMEGA2560 master chip guarantees high feasibility, smooth movement, precise voltage regulation and effective heat dissipation.

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