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Modular Robotics

Cubelets - Clever Constructors Pack

Cubelets - Clever Constructors Pack

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Cubelets® Clever Constructors Pack

The quintessential Cubelets® collection has been expanded for six student groups. The Creative Constructors PLUS facilitates easy adoption and high-ceiling academic activities. Includes 78 SENSE, THINK and ACT Cubelets, Brick Adapters, 5-port charger, micro-USB charging cables, and a new, easy-to-organize storage tub. 

Includes 78 Cubelets: 6 Battery, 6 Passive, 6 Inverse, 6 Threshold, 12 Distance, 6 Brightness, 6 Knob, 12 Drive, 6 Flashlight, 6 Rotate, and 6 Bar Graph. 

Plus: 12 Brick Adapters, 1 5-Port Charger, 5 Charging Cables, and 1 Storage Tub.

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