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Cubelets - Motivated Makers

Cubelets - Motivated Makers

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Cubelets® Motivated Maker Pack

Inspired by the needs of our youngest learners in Pre-K and Kindergarten, the Mini Makers Pack still efficiently scales to older students and higher skill levels. Supporting six student groups, this pack includes 52 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets. Also included are Brick Adapters, a 5-port charger, micro-USB charging cables, and a new, easy-to-organize storage tub.

Includes 52 Cubelets: 6 Battery, 6 Passive, 6 Inverse,  6 Distance, 6 Brightness,  6 Drive, 6 Flashlight, 6 Rotate, and 4 Knob. 

Plus: 12 Stud Brick Adapters, 12 Socket Brick Adapters, 1 5-port Charger, 5 Charging Cables, and 1 Storage Tub

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