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Dobot Robot Vision Kit

Dobot Robot Vision Kit

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The Dobot Robot Vision Kit is an advanced add-on module designed to enhance the capabilities of your Dobot robotic arm. With integrated vision technology, this kit enables your Dobot arm to perceive and interact with its environment more intelligently. Whether for precision tasks, object recognition, or complex automation processes, the Dobot Robot Vision Kit opens up a new realm of possibilities for automation and robotics enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals. Upgrade your Dobot arm with this cutting-edge vision kit and explore the world of smarter, more versatile robotics.

The kit includes:

  • (1) Fixed baseboard
  • (2) Robot calibration and color based sorting
  • (1) black & white calibration board
  • (1) Industrial camera, camera lens and bracket
  • (1) Camera lighting source, Power Adapter, Tool Package,
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