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Makedo EXPLORE (For 1-2 makers, 50 piece set)

Makedo EXPLORE (For 1-2 makers, 50 piece set)

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Introducing the Makedo EXPLORE, an adventurous kit designed to ignite young imaginations and encourage outdoor exploration.

With the Makedo EXPLORE, children embark on exciting journeys in nature, transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary play zones. This innovative kit includes a range of tools and materials that inspire creativity and resourcefulness.

From building forts and hideouts to constructing imaginative sculptures, the Makedo EXPLORE empowers children to transform natural elements such as sticks, leaves, and rocks into unique creations. The kit features reusable connectors and simple tools that make it easy to assemble and disassemble structures, allowing for endless possibilities and hours of open-ended play.

Not only does the Makedo EXPLORE foster creativity, but it also encourages problem-solving, collaboration, and a deep connection with nature. Children develop important skills such as spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and resilience as they engage in hands-on construction projects and navigate the outdoor environment.

The Makedo EXPLORE is suitable for children aged 5 and above, providing a fun and immersive experience that blends imagination with the great outdoors. Whether used in backyards, parks, or nature trails, this versatile kit stimulates active play and nurtures a sense of adventure.

Unleash the spirit of exploration with the Makedo EXPLORE and watch as children's imaginations come to life in the natural world. Let the joy of building, creating, and discovering outdoors inspire a lifelong love for nature and the limitless possibilities of play.

What’s included?

50 pieces:

  • 1 x Toolbox
  • 1 x Safe-Saw
  • 1 x Scru-Driver
  • 36 x Scru (connects 1-3 layers)
  • 12 x Scru+ (connects 3-5 layers)
  • 1 x BONUS Mini-Tool

All packed in a handy carry & store toolbox.

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