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PCS Edventures

PCS Edventures - Discover Engineering (Grades 4-8)

PCS Edventures - Discover Engineering (Grades 4-8)

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Better than Ever Builds

The engineering field is dynamic, innovative and constantly seeking the brightest minds. In Discover Engineering, get ready to cultivate the young engineers of tomorrow. Geared to bolster technological literacy, this kit combines the latest research-based methods to get learners excited about STEM. While introducing the engineering design process, the reusable activities in Discover Engineering foster student confidence, problem-solving talents and other important 21st century skills.

In addition to using hands-on building manipulatives, Discover Engineering utilizes cutting-edge technology to engage with a variety of learning styles. The 3D Interactive Build Curriculum (3DIC) allows users to move through step-by-step build plans at their own speed, and has the ability to highlight individual pieces for clarity. Compatible with any desktop computer or mobile device, 3DIC transforms the way engineering can be taught with technology.

With diverse projects covering topics such as gear trains, power ratios and complex machines, Discover Engineering is designed to be fun and engaging as learners construct trebuchets, cart launchers, transmission models and more! Each Discover Engineering kit, suitable for up to 6 students, is easy to implement, designed to meet the specific intellectual needs of learners in grades 4-8 and is versatile in its ease-of-use in different educational environments. Understanding that a product is only as valuable as its curriculum, each Discover Engineering kit comes with an exciting, advanced curriculum that is available both in print and as a PDF.

Grades: 4-8
Students: Up to 6 per kit
Contact Hours: 25+

Subject Targets:

Technology, Engineering Design

Recommended Settings:

  • Before & After-School Programs
  • Classrooms
  • Homeschools
  • Libraries and Makerspaces

Tech Requirements:

  • None
  • As an extra resource, the 3DIC app can be used with Discover Engineering as a digital building guide. Each kit comes with two user license codes that can be used with the free app downloaded onto any iPad or Andriod tablet.

Classroom Pack:

The Classroom Pack includes eight individual kits, which are stored in a rolling storage cart. Each kit is suitable for 1-6 students, so the Classroom Pack can be utilized with up to 48 students.

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