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PCS Edventures

PCS Edventures - Discover Robotics Duo - Programming & Physics (Grades 4-8)

PCS Edventures - Discover Robotics Duo - Programming & Physics (Grades 4-8)

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More Robotics than Ever!

The Discover Robotics Duo program contains eight Discover Robotics & Programming kits and eight Discover Robotics & Physics kits, stored in sturdy tubs and rolling storage carts.

Grades: 4-8
Students: Up to 3 per kit
Contact Hours: 45+

Subject Targets:

Physical Science, Technology, Robotics & Coding

Recommended Settings:

  • Classrooms
  • Before & After-School Programs
  • Homeschools
  • Libraries & Makerspaces

Available on the Following Platforms:

  • Classic: for all computers and Android-based tablets
  • BLE: for iPads

Discover Robotics & Programming:

Combine an application-based curriculum with high-quality mechanical building pieces for a scaffolded experience, teaching basic programming logic in the context of engineering design process challenges. With a curriculum developed around a growth mindset and creative problem-solving skills, Discover Robotics & Programming is flexible, empowering educators to integrate hands-on STEM into virtually any educational environment.

Discover Robotics & Physics:

This application-based learning series has been expertly scaffolded to support essential problem-solving and collaborative skills, focusing on the engineering design process to formulate and develop a deep understanding of robotics and the incredible roles they play in our society. Discover Robotics & Physics uses high-quality, reusable fischertechnik® building manipulatives, allowing virtually any learning environment to start their next STEMventure right out of the box.

LABCard Curriculum:

With the use of the PCS LABCards, educators can take advantage of a differentiated instruction model where challenging concepts are broken down so that learners can quickly master skills and move at their own pace towards a final performance task design project.

How to Use Your LABCards:

Each LABCard includes two step-by-step projects, two challenges and one design project. Each project introduces new programming skills by guiding learners through step-by-step activities. Two engaging challenges allow learners to apply this knowledge before testing their understanding in a design project. Key terms are listed at the end of each card for reference. Along the bottom are three questions to check for understanding. Use them in discussion, written reflection or informal conversation to probe and deepen learners’ understanding. At the end of every level, a final end design project challenges learners to synthesize their learning with creativity and critical thinking.

Why We LOVE Them:

The LABCard approach is intended to provide educators with a tool that enables a student-directed experience. Educators are empowered to provide facilitation, coaching and mentoring as learners work independently, in their own fashion. Almost all learning environments including after-school programs, clubs and a wide variety of classroom models, can be supported using the LABCard curriculum. Each LABCard is assigned a point value for quick and easy assessment of progress through each level and to provide learners with immediate recognition of their accomplishments. Learners earn points for each card they successfully complete. Each level includes four 5-point cards and culminates with a 5-point end design project, for a total of 25 points per level. By completing all four levels, learners can earn up to 100 points!

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