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Phidget STEM Exploration Bundle

Phidget STEM Exploration Bundle

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Phidget STEM Exploration Bundle

The Phidget STEM Exploration Bundle is an all-in-one educational toolkit designed to engage students in hands-on learning and experimentation. This bundle includes:

  • Phidget pH Kit: Measure and monitor pH levels in various solutions, perfect for chemistry and environmental science projects.
  • Graphic LCD Phidget: A 128x64 pixel display that allows students to visualize data with text and graphics.
  • Motion Sensor Phidget: Detects movement and distance, ideal for physics experiments and interactive projects.
  • Phidget Thermocouple Kit: Provides accurate temperature measurement, useful for a wide range of scientific applications.

Ideal for middle and high school STEM programs, this bundle supports various projects, providing a comprehensive introduction to sensor technology and data analysis.

*Note: This device requires the Phidget Getting Started Kit. If you already have one, you do not need an additional unit for this kit. 

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