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Siser Juliet 12″ High-Definition Cutter

Siser Juliet 12″ High-Definition Cutter

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The Siser Juliet Cutter is a professional-grade, high-definition cutting machine designed for versatility and precision in a wide range of crafting projects. Here are some key features and benefits:

High-Definition Cutting

Juliet offers precision cutting down to 0.01mm, making it ideal for intricate designs. It can handle various materials such as Siser's heat transfer vinyl, EasyPSV decal vinyl, cardstock, stickers, and craft foam. The cutter can work with materials up to 12 inches wide and supports cutting from rolls, allowing for longer projects without needing a mat.

User-Friendly Interface

Juliet features a sleek touch screen with pre-set cut settings tailored for Siser materials. This includes a built-in registration camera for accurate print-and-cut projects, and adjustable pinch rollers for flexibility in cutting different material widths. The touch screen also includes a convenient test cut feature to ensure perfect settings before starting your main project​.

Quiet Operation

Unlike many cutters that produce loud, disruptive noises, Juliet operates quietly. This makes it suitable for use in any environment, whether you're watching TV or working late at night without disturbing others​​.

Connectivity and Software

Juliet connects to your PC or Mac via WiFi or USB, and comes with Leonardo Design Studio software. This powerful software not only handles cutting but also offers a versatile workspace for creating or downloading design files, viewing material specs, and accessing tutorials and inspiration​.


  • Max Material Width: 13.5"
  • Max Cut Length: 5+ yards with roll holder
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB
  • Dimensions: 24.25in L x 7.75in W x 7.5in H
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Precision: 0.01mm
  • Maximum Material Height: 1mm
  • Maximum Speed: 27in per second
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