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SoftBank Robotics

SoftBank Robotics NAO Autism Pack

SoftBank Robotics NAO Autism Pack

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The SoftBank Robotics NAO Autism Pack is a comprehensive and innovative solution designed to support individuals on the autism spectrum in their social and emotional development journey. This pack combines cutting-edge technology with empathetic design to create a unique and personalized learning experience.

At the heart of the Autism Pack is the NAO humanoid robot, a friendly and interactive companion that engages users in a range of activities and exercises tailored to their individual needs. With its expressive movements, speech capabilities, and engaging interactions, NAO serves as a bridge between technology and human connection, helping individuals with autism enhance their social skills and communication abilities.

The pack features a variety of applications and modules specifically designed to address different aspects of autism intervention. These modules include:

  1. Emotion Recognition: NAO uses advanced facial recognition technology to help users understand and interpret emotions in themselves and others. This fosters empathy and emotional awareness, crucial skills for building meaningful relationships.
  2. Communication Enhancement: Through interactive scenarios and games, NAO assists users in improving their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It provides a safe and non-judgmental space for practicing conversations and social interactions.
  3. Daily Routine Support: NAO helps individuals establish and maintain daily routines through visual schedules and reminders. Predictable routines can provide comfort and reduce anxiety for those with autism.
  4. Behavioral Coaching: With real-time feedback and positive reinforcement, NAO guides users toward desired behaviors and social norms. This helps individuals navigate social situations more confidently.
  5. Personalized Learning: The Autism Pack adapts to each user's progress and preferences, offering a customized learning path that caters to their strengths and challenges.

The SoftBank Robotics NAO Autism Pack is not only a tool for skill development but also a source of motivation and companionship. It creates a supportive environment where individuals can practice social interactions, explore emotions, and build self-confidence. By harnessing the power of robotics and artificial intelligence, this pack opens doors to greater independence and a higher quality of life for individuals with autism.

This Pack Includes:

  • (1) NAO V6 Humanoid Robot
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Docking Station
  • (1) NAO for Autism Software (1-year subscription)
  • (1) tablet w-pre-installed WOZ Software
  • (1) WiFi Router
  • (1) Hard-Copy of Curriculum with the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Principles
  • (1) Transport case
  • 3-Hour Online Training
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