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SoftBank Robotics

SoftBank Robotics NAO School Starter Duo Pack

SoftBank Robotics NAO School Starter Duo Pack

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The SoftBank Robotics NAO School Starter Duo Pack is an ideal solution for schools looking to introduce students to the exciting world of robotics and technology. This comprehensive pack includes two NAO humanoid robots, designed to foster interactive learning, coding skills, and creative exploration in a classroom setting.

Key Features of the NAO School Starter Duo Pack:

  1. Dual Learning Experience: With two NAO robots included, students can engage in collaborative activities, programming challenges, and interactive projects. This fosters teamwork and peer-to-peer learning.
  2. Hands-On Programming: The pack provides educators and students with the tools to develop programming skills. Using intuitive visual programming interfaces or advanced coding languages, students can bring the robots to life and execute their own commands.
  3. Curriculum Integration: The NAO robots can seamlessly integrate into various subjects, from science and technology to arts and social studies. Educators can design lesson plans that align with curriculum goals, enhancing the learning experience.
  4. STEM Exploration: The NAO robots offer an excellent platform for teaching STEM concepts. Students can explore robotics mechanics, sensors, programming logic, and AI principles through interactive experiments.
  5. Project-Based Learning: Students can work on exciting robotics projects, such as creating choreographed dances, simulating real-world scenarios, or developing interactive presentations. This approach nurtures problem-solving and creativity.
  6. Human-Robot Interaction: NAO's advanced capabilities in speech, gesture recognition, and expressive movements enable students to study human-robot interaction, communication dynamics, and emotional responses.
  7. Educational Resources: The pack includes access to a library of pre-built applications, activities, and educational resources. Educators can leverage these resources to jump-start lessons or customize them to suit specific learning objectives.
  8. Ongoing Support: SoftBank Robotics provides regular updates and support to ensure the NAO robots remain at the forefront of technology. This ensures that the learning experiences stay fresh and aligned with the latest advancements.
  9. Future-Ready Skills: By engaging with the NAO robots, students develop skills that are highly relevant in today's technology-driven world, preparing them for future careers in robotics, programming, AI, and beyond.

The SoftBank Robotics NAO School Starter Duo Pack is a gateway to interactive and engaging learning experiences. It empowers educators to nurture students' creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills while providing students with an exciting platform to explore the limitless possibilities of robotics and technology.

This Pack Includes:

  • (2) NAO's V6
  • (2) Chargers
  • (2) batteries
  • (1) Engage Site License for 1-Year
  • (2) Docking Stations
  • (2) Transport Cases
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